A printable digital download


Original art with sacred geometry and codes for you to print out at home and use in your crystal grids. You can also print or have it printed into an art print. You will receive the file upon receipt of payment. 


No Physical goods will be shipped, you are purchasing the digital file only. 


This is an excellent tool for focused meditation, goal setting and crystal grid work. You can print and write your intention as you work with it. Another option is to print and laminate your grid, this allows the ability to write with liquid chalk so you can re-use your grid over and over again. See below for message specific to this grid.


Light Grids are conscious energy matrices designed to uplift and enhance our vibration. We live in a multi-dimensional, multi-matrix Universe where everything, including ourselves, is vibration. As you work and grow with your Grid, its dimensional aspect further unlocks. This aspect supports your intentions and further deepens your levels of consciousness.


These are excellent tools for manifesting your goals, for use in meditation, working on healing, accelerating your connection to higher realms and beings and for raising and developing your intuition and consciousness. 




New Moon Intention Grid


Specially created for use at the New Moon. The 28 day cycle encircles the new moon. The grid can be used as an oracle/tarot layout to guide you with your intention and then use the grid to create a crystal grid to activate and energise your intention for the month. The gold circles outside the moon represent the golden web of life, the ideas we have and the interconnectedness one idea has to the next. 



Please respect this is an original piece of art, you may use it for your own personal use. If you share any form of the image via social network please give credit for the original source. You can not use this piece of art or reproduce it to make a profit or take credit for. If you would like others to use the grid please do not share your link, direct them to the original source either via Etsy or at www.lee-annecaulkett.com Thank you for respecting the work of the artist.

New Moon Intention Crystal Grid, Oracle Card Layout - DIGITAL PRINT