Channeled Crystal Grid

Each grid is completely unique and individual, to be used for manifestation in all areas of your life. The grid is hand drawn and due to the use of light language is multi-dimensional, meaning it can be used for a variety of intentions. Each grid is coated so you can place crystals in a gridding format and write your intention (liquid chalk) without damaging the artwork underneath. Each grid purchased will receive a short psychic message unique to the owner (sent via email)


Central Sun Grid - Everything is divided into phases - the seasons, time, astrology, even life itself. Harnessing this Universal pattern of movement for manifestation synchronises your goals with correct timing and enhances the magnetic attraction for manifestation. This grid harnesses the power our Central Sun (Logos). Utilising the sequencing within the segments of the grid mobilizes this powerful energy to be used within your own wonder-working. The energy of this grid is a radiating expansiveness from the central connection

Crystal Grid 2


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