The value of living authentically

If you follow my Social Media, you would have seen my post about grounding your energy. I want to extend that further by discussing the correlation between being grounded and being your authentic self.

Beautifully these two continually feed each other; the more grounded we are, the more authentic we become, which leads to being more grounded, and so on. Being grounded puts us in the state of being present in the moment; it also allows us to identify what brings fulfilment, happiness, or disharmony to our lives through observation. Now, add the awareness of authenticity to the mix, and we have a recipe for living our highest imaginings.

Living authentically doesn't mean always being bubbly and happy; it means acknowledging exactly how you feel now. It means being vulnerable and allowing the world to see us exactly as we are. Sometimes being authentic can be disconcerting as we are not used to exposing our soft underbellies for all to see. More importantly, being our authentic self is being vulnerable to ourselves, taking the time to see we don't always get it right, that we aren't always perfect. Authenticity opens us to have honest communication with ourselves to find out what's not working for us and what we want to be working for us.

Mix these two, and things get real on a deep soul level. We get the answers from our Soul through authenticity, and we take action through being grounded.

Taking this a step further and deepening our connection with our Higher Self brings us more authenticity as we listen to our Soul. Being vulnerable drops the ego-mind and allows the Soul to shine through. There is nothing more authentic than living the life our Soul wishes; after all, we are Spiritual Beings having a physical existence.

Higher Self Activation

Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Choose an area of your life you would like an answer to and invite your Higher Self to enter your conscious mind.

Feel your feet on the ground; take a moment for this to be a visceral experience.

Send your awareness through the ground and connect with the heartbeat of the earth.

Open your heart to your Higher Self and be open to receiving a message.

Ask your question.

Allow your mind to empty and create the space for your Higher Self to have a conversation with you.

Once your conversation has ended, thank your Higher Self for assisting your development and guidance.

Take some deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

The more we consciously work with our Higher Self, the easier the connection becomes. Our ultimate goal is always to be consciously connected with our Higher Self, hearing its gently guidance and wisdom. If this is your first time connecting and you find it difficult or feel you are not receiving anything, keep persevering. It is like any skill and needs to be developed with kindness over time. Your Higher Self is always with you; you are simply developing the listening technique, so be patient and kind to yourself.


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