The secret to enlighten the world

I'm struggling in writing this week, not because there is nothing to share but because the energies are just so strange, I don't know if I am coming or going. And I know I am not alone in this.

But what can we do when we feel the pain in the world, the sadness and loneliness in our fellow human beings? Maybe not much, but that "not much" might make a massive difference in someone's day. Just a small act of kindness is the greatest thing we can do. It can light up a person's heart, change the direction of their week, and even create a chain of events to better the world.

The great thing about kindness is two-fold. It enrichens the receivers life and cultivates love for the giver. It turns us from being self-involved to being altruistic, opening us to the grander scheme of life and increasing our awareness of our group consciousness connectivity—what better way for humanity to evolve than with more kindness.

Imagine if you would humanity completely engulfed with kindness for one day. What a ripple effect that would create! Imagine everyone focused on someone other than themselves for that one day, not on a large scale either, just doing one act of kindness for one other human.

The act of kindness could be as simple as a genuine hug, a compassionate ear to listen with genuinely, supporting your local cafe or small business or even just a smile to your checkout person. They all make a difference.

The secret is that kindness is genuine; it is not being nice or sweet or hoping for something in return. Kindness is intentional without expectation. Kindness instantly grounds us, makes us completely present, opens our hearts and connects us. All that in a small act!

Today put kindness on your list, let it manifest and grow within you. Be an evolved human being. Give kindness not only when it is easy but, more importantly, when it is hard. Be kind to others who have a different opinion than you; we never know what path another has walked, so be kind.

Kindness can break down barriers, open pathways to communication and understanding and be the seeding ground for forgiveness. Don't we all need that now, and don't we all want that. We have one planet that we need to co-exist upon, you can't change another, but you can change yourself. Be the pebble and start your own kindness ripple. Live the life your Higher Self would be proud of, because that is who you truly are.

And if you have read to the end - You rock, and I truly appreciate you!


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