Soul is calling

Our Soul is always present; I mean, after all, it is who we truly are. But how to connect and hear the beauty of its call rather than the pain of the disconnect?

Our souls are hungry. Hungry for emotional experience, physical adventures and opportunities for growth and understanding. And your Soul has chosen to be here to experience all of this; how exciting! It is an exciting time of consciousness expansion, the letting go of outdated ideas and patterns.

The problem is we all arrived here with no road map, no instruction manual and definitely no definitive plan in hand. So it makes navigating being a spiritual being in a physical body just that little bit harder, (thanks Universe). Who else feels like Christopher Robin saying, "What to do, what to do, what to do." Can the answer be found within Pooh's immeasurable wisdom, "What to do indeed?"

I often feel pulled between who I think I should be and who I am meant to be. The difference is found within the connection to Soul. The 'should be' falls within others expectations, societal expectations, and life learnt patterns of conformity. The 'meant to be' is the call of the Soul.

What to do indeed, Pooh.

Stop. Breathe. Get grounded and connect to your inner spark. There are many ways to feel your inner spark, your Soul (I might save that for another blog). The simple act of intention is the first best step. I am connecting with my Soul. I am connected with my Soul. Then breathe and listen.

You might not hear anything, and that is okay. You might not feel anything, and that too is okay. Give yourself a break from your mind and create some empty space for lightness to enter. Be inquisitive, (thanks Pooh).

Humans are the most inquisitive animal on the planet; look at everything we have created. Questioning yourself is the best way to reconnect to your Soul because a question creates space to listen. Give it a try. Your entire brain becomes active as it reflects on the question, releasing serotonin to allow it to relax. All areas of the brain get involved in gaining more insight and providing solutions. When you combine this with being grounded and present in a meditative state, and you might start to hear the call of your Soul.

Give yourself the space to hear the call of your Soul. It is magical, eternal and incredibly unique. There is only one you so embrace your weirdness, quirks, and desires; most importantly, embrace your specialness.


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