Six months in a leaky boat!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Like most of us, I compiled some awesome goals I'd achieve this year when the fireworks blasted in 2019. Here I was ready to run head first with all the passion I could muster to get these amazing plans into action and be all I wanted to be! If only I had foreseen the weather forecast for the SS Lee-anne I may have looked out for some calmer waters and not spent six months bailing water out of my leaky boat.

So far, this year has been pretty normal, bills to pay, renovating, helping with Yr12 assessments, family ups and downs, you know, the usual stuff. The difference for me is that I really want to be doing something else, traveling, getting fit, and sharing my stuff with you good folks. I think of myself as being pretty aware, being able to view what's going as the observer, but this six months has tossed me around a bit and I don't know if I have really enjoyed the tossing (bit of motion sickness). I am an eternal optimist, much to one of son's annoyance, so I have pulled my little boat over and decided that it is time to get out my soul compass and really take ownership of being able to sail these waters we call life.

We all face the turbulence of life and let me tell you a little secret, its not going to change, ever! We live in a chaotic universe, full of energy, full of possibilties, all happening at the same time - disorganised and organised, lawless and governed, deranged and sane. This wild and untamed beauty is just waiting for us to unwittingly set our little boats upon its outgoing tide and take us for the ride of our life.

At the six month mark of this year I've decided to assess the things that are throwing me off course, both the good and the bad. I have made the decision to use the tools I have learnt over the last 50 years to captain my little boat to harness the energy of the storms, fly upon the tops of the waves and soar into the rest of the year. How will I do that? Stop making f*cking excuses. That's it. That simple. Stop coming up with excuses as to why I can't do something, why I can't be somewhere and most importantly, why I can't be the best I want to be. Cause that is all that matters. Be the best you want to be, end of story, that simple. You are awesome!

Set your Soul Compass and take flight


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