Out of the blues and into the sun

Like the rest of the world, I have woken up and realised the struggles that Covid has brought to me. Please don't get me wrong; I know I am fortunate to be living in Australia AND in Brisbane. We have had minimal lockdowns and, luckily, kept the virus at bay.

The devastation around the globe, the suffering of others and the changes to everyday life have taken their toll. My health has been a bit bumpy of late; yes, I am getting on top of it and making the changes I need to, and all of this has highlighted how off course I have become. I miss sharing with you. I miss sharing my knowledge and using the gifts I have. So, big girl pants on and get this stuff happening. I am the creator of my life; whether that's a life I wake to with joy and enthusiasm or a life I reluctantly roll myself out of bed for, I choose it! I know which one I prefer.

Given this self-slap on the face, I am committing to sharing my knowledge with you. We have so many tools at our fingertips to support us through these trying times. As with anything spiritually-based practice, please accept that which resonates with you and disregard the rest; no one thing fits all. Please remember that the information I provide in no way substitutes or is intended to replace medical assistance or treatment; seek professional help; it works.

A quick share of where I am starting, I have done my annual doctor visit and found I am low in iron and vitamin D, and my gorgeous hormones are giving me a good run for my money. A change of diet and into some healthy exercise I go because only looking after my spiritual body and not my physical is like rowing with one paddle. To function well, I need my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies happy and united, typical Libran scales!

I invite you on this journey. Get yourself checked out, make sure you are healthy. Life is so short and living it healthfully obviously extends it and makes it easier. Opening yourself to embracing your spiritual self adds a depth of colour that goes beyond the mundane of everyday life. In fact, daily life begins to hold magic in every moment if you allow it.

My spiritual growth tip this week is for you to care enough about yourself and get a professional physical checkup. You are worth it. I'm a holistic girl, and I still see my doctor to get all my vitamins and things checked so I know I am not taking things I dont need. Life can be expensive and taking stuff you're only going to flush down the loo is not worth it. The added benefits are having a record of what is normal for you and if something isnt right you can address it early rather than late.

Remember you are loved. You are worth it and the world is a better place with you in it!


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