Just do it!

Welcome to my first blog on my new website! What better way to start than with M*O*T*I*V*A*T*I*O*N - not always my best friend but we're working on it! I constantly have ideas floating through my head and I try my best to latch on to the ones I feel are going to be a positive move for me. But I often find the old lack-of-motivation holds be back from turning those ideas into action, which honestly really peeves me off :( Seriously peeves me off! Those moments can be a downer as my little brain says "if you only had done it back then" Well... no more!!!!

I'm going to kick my "Gunna" to the curb, you know that part of you that says "I was gunna do it" What's my motivation you may ask? Well I've been doing a lot of reflection and even though I know there is more to existence than this lifetime (much, much more), this lifetime is all I've got as Me-of-today! I will never ever get to be me again and no one else will either. So I can either sit on my arse and wish my life away or I can jump up and say "Just do it girl!" Just take that first step, just set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier, just put on your gym gear and do a sit-up, just write that first blog (high-5's self)

Life is too short to not be all you can be. There are too many beautiful souls to meet, there are too many mountains to climb and there are too many amazing, joyful, exciting opportunities to grab hold of to just sit on my arse and wish! High-5 to all of us just making that first step to be the best me-of-today we can be! You rock!


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