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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Being an empath has not always been easy, I feel others emotions, their wishes and their despairs. For a large portion of my life I had no idea this was a thing. At times I lost my own identity when I became close to someone, not knowing where their energy started and mine began. I didn’t understand how someone else’s energy can affect another’s, let alone the skills to be able to do something about it.

Today though, after a great deal of self discovery and building of my spiritual tool box, being an Empath is a great gift. I can see it was never another’s energy but the lack of knowledge I had of my own. Being an Empath woke me up and taught me self responsibility. Through this gift I have learnt who I am, what makes me happy, sad, angry and joyful. Through this gift I have learnt the interconnectedness we have and the ability to discern my duality within it. The road has been a long one, in fact life long. There is no magical drive-through option to awareness. You have to do the work. You have to be prepared to reflect the mirror into the depths of your soul, even if you don’t like what you see at times. And just when you think you have discovered “your zen”, up pops another thing to work on. It can seem exhausting. But it isn’t. It is the greatest gift we have as humans - the opportunity to expand ourself, to grow our consciousness and be at one, within and without.

So when you feel you’re having a bad day and “the universe is out to get you”, swallow a dose of self responsibility and ask yourself if you just fell asleep at the wheel. Give yourself a shake, and get back in your drivers seat. The world is your oyster. What happens to you is your responsibility. You create your everyday, so go create what you want. And if you aren’t enjoying your scenery then find a new road map, put your big people pants on and take some self responsibility to get your good shit done.

NB This photo is from a hike I did in NZ with my daughter. We hiked through gale winds, horizontal rain and freezing temps. It was so worth it! Rewards of getting good stuff done. And these delicate flowers bloom because of the rough weather, how interesting!

Track at Mt Cook NZ


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